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I find right suppliers in Baltic States
and reduce your business costs


I live in Vilnius, Lithuania, Baltic States. My passions are factories, production and industry. Studied Business Management and last 15 years I have been working with production and exports. In those years I have met a lot of factories in Baltic States and got great knowledge about their strengths and possibilities. I also have decent experience in negotiating and planning.

With one of my first Swedish clients we have been working for 10 years. By moving some of their units production to right factories in Lithuania and Latvia I have managed to reduce their production costs up to 6.000.000 SEK per year (600.000 €). Quality of products was never reduced and in some cases even increased. On some products we also significantly reduced rate of rejects and delivery delays.

When you need me I am always there. Never miss calls or hide from problems. I value conversation and always looking into root cause of problem. Then solve it together. I am a reliable and punctual person. Drawings, business information are kept in private. You can trust me as I will give suggestions which are the best for your business.

My main focus is working with companies from Scandinavia which are manufacturing products or parts of products in Sweden, Norway, Denmark or Finland. I am sure that most of production can be made cheaper in Baltic States and keep the same quality. 

If you need someone to meet you in Vilnius and guide around, let me know. 


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